Three most frequently asked questions about cleaning sterling silver with the Pro Size Polishing Cloth!

January 31, 2020 Celia Lane

Q. Can it be used on jewelry that is gold/silver or rose gold dipped or electroplated ?
A. Yes. Use the outer cloth in gray color, which is untreated, to clean plated pieces of jewelry and use the inner cloth or white cloth for silver, gold (14k and 18k) and platinum jewelry that is not plated. 

Q. Does it work on stainless steel jewelry?
A. No. For stainless steel use the Metal Care Cloth by Mayflower Products that you can find also on Amazon. The Metal Care Cloth cleans stainless, steel, copper, brass and chrome.

Q. Is it safe for diamonds? 
A. Yes, it's safe for diamonds and other gemstones that are considered hard such as sapphire, ruby, and emerald to be cleaned with the Pro Size polishing cloth. Most semi-precious stones can also be cleaned with the cloth.

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