How to keep Silver Jewelry Clean Longer

October 31, 2016 Celia Lane

Silver jewelry gets tarnished as a natural chemical reaction of the metal in contact with some elements in the air. This doesn't cause any damage to silver, but it makes it look dull and lack of shine. In this article you will find the information to prevent tarnish and keep silver jewelry clean and shiny longer.

 What is sterling silver?

 Sterling silver is an alloy of  92.5 percentage of pure silver and 7.5 percentage of other metals. As pure silver is too soft to be used alone to make jewelry. Copper is used as the most common metal in combination with silver to create a .925 piece of silver, also known as sterling silver.

 Why does silver tarnish?

The pollutants found in the air and water cause silver to tarnish. Sulfur gasses in the air and hydrogen sulfide in water causes the chemical reaction in silver known as tarnish. Light speeds up the chemical reaction and the longer silver jewelry and other silver valuables are exposed to these elements, the heavier the tarnish will get.

 How do we know when there is tarnish in silver?

Tarnish starts forming on the surface of silver jewelry as a light yellowish-golden tint. This layer of tarnish makes the piece to look dull and without shine.  At this stage it may not be noticeable to the eye. The longer silver is left unclean the darker tarnish will get, turning into dark brown when sitting in contact with the air and light for several months.

 How do you remove tarnish from silver?

Tarnish can be removed with a jewelry polishing cloth, bringing back the original tone and shine in silver. Cleaning silver jewelry regularly, prevents tarnish and adds a layer of protection to silver valuables.

 How to keep silver jewelry clean longer?

 Here are 5 tips to keep silver jewelry clean and shiny longer:

  • Clean silver jewelry with a polishing cloth, before putting it away to remove dust, oil and fingerprints.
  • Store silver jewelry in a jewelry bag, jewelry box or organizer to prevent the chemical reaction that causes tarnish when silver is in constant exposure to air.
  • As light speeds up the process of tarnishing, an opaque storage is the best option to keep silver jewelry free of tarnish.
  • Clean silver regularly with a polishing cloth to keep the original shine and tone in the metal.
  • Keep your polishing cloth in your jewelry organizer or armoire, for a quick polish before and after wearing your silver jewelry.

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